The 10 Most Innovative Universities in Germany

Germany has a proud tradition of innovation, so it is no surprise that in Reuter's first ranking of innovation in higher education, Germany's universities dominated the list. The ranking of Europe's 100 most innovative universities includes 24 from Germany, seven more than the UK, and by far the most of any country. 

The top-rated German university (number 5 overall) is the Technical University of Munich (TUM), an institution that was founded with the goal of innovation within its home state of Bavaria and saw the fruit of its labors in the thirteen Nobel Prizes that have been awarded to TUM professors and alumni in the past 90 years. The "Entrepreneurial University" was ranked highly based on the number of patent filings from the university, its success rate, and its institutional commercial impact.

2. Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen (6 overall)

3. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (9)

4. The Free University of Berlin (19)

5. The Technical University of Dresden (20)

6. Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg (24)

7. Heidelberg University (29)

8. Humboldt University Berlin (31)

9. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (40)

10. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (44)