Eight of the Best Political Science Programs in Germany

Studying political science is a great way to get a solid understanding of how we govern ourselves, how those who do the governing interact, and how you may one day be able to join that community. Here's our list of the top eight political science departments in Germany.

University of Bamberg

Location: Bavaria

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 800

Degrees Offered:

  1. Politikwissenschaft (Bachelor)

  2. Politikwissenschaft (Master)

The bachelor's degree offered by the University of Bamberg is general and a good foundation for further studies, while the master's degree offer eight focuses within the main degree.

Jacobs University

Location: Bremen

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 110

Degrees Offered:

  1. Integrated Social Sciences (B.A.)

  2. International Relations: Politics and History (B.A.)

  3. International Relations (M.A.)

Both undergraduate programs offered by Jacobs are far more interdisciplinary than traditional political science degrees, with the Integrated Social Sciences degree including approaches taken from different disciplines within the social sciences, and the International Relations B.A. including a historical dimension within the study of IR. 

Helmut Schmidt University

Location: Hamburg

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 220

Degrees Offered:

  1. Politikwissenschaft (B.A.)

  2. International Relations (M.A.)

  3. Comparative Democracy Research (M.A.)

Although HSU is a military academy, they also offer places to civilians depending on capacity. The degrees are also expedited by a special ruling, meaning students can complete a full bachelor's and master's degree in 4 years.

University of Heidelberg

Location: Baden-Württemberg

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 1010

Degrees Offered:

  1. Politische Wissenschaft (B.A.)

  2. Politische Wissenschaft (M.A.)

At the undergraduate level, students at Heidelberg can pair political science with one or two other subjects as a major or minor subject. The master in political science is a consecutive degree that builds upon what students learn at the bachelor level.

University of Konstanz

Location: Baden-Württemberg

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 1220

Degrees Offered:

  1. Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft (B.A.)

  2. Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft (M.A.)

  3. Political Economy (M.A.)

  4. European Master in Government (M.A.)

  5. Public Administration and European Governance (M.A.)

The foundational bachelor in Political Science and Administrative Studies provides students with a ground in social science research methods and administrative practices. At the graduate level, Konstanz offers a wide variety of degrees to expand on what students have learned in the bachelor programs in governance, economics, policy, and administration.

University of Mannheim

Location: Baden-Württemberg

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 620

Degrees Offered:

  1. Politikwissenschaft (B.A.)

  2. Political Science (M.A.)

The bachelor's degree in Political Science at Mannheim offers courses with a focus in Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Sociology as well as an individual minor. Graduate students focus on applied research in political science and gain broad and sound theoretical and methodological knowledge.

University of Tübingen

Location: Baden-Württemberg

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 900

Degrees Offered:

  1. Politikwissenschaft (B.A.)

  2. Comparative and Middle East Politics and Society (M.A.)

  3. Demokratie und Regieren in Europa (M.A.)

  4. Friedensforschung und Internationale Politik (M.A.)

  5. Politik und Gesellschaft Ostasiens (M.A.)

Tübingen offers a foundation bachelor's degree to provide students with fundamental analytical skills for future academic or professional work in the field. At the graduate level, the department awards four degrees with specific focuses on area studies in the Middle East and East Asia, democracy and governance, and peace research. 

Zeppelin University

Location: Baden-Württemberg

Total Number of Students Enrolled (2015): 170

Degrees Offered:

  1. Bachelor of Arts Politics, Administration & International Relations (B.A.)

  2. Sociology, Politics and Economics (B.A.)

  3. Politics, Administration & International Relations (M.A.)

Zeppelin University gives undergraduate students the chance to study politics from two different perspectives using the techniques of international relations or sociology and economics. The Politics, Administration and International Relations degree is expanded at the graduate level in the PAIR program, where they can choose from three tracks: International Relations and Global Politics, Political Institutions and Decisions, or Public Goods and Services.TRACK III: Public Goods & Servi