Four Reasons Why You Should Study in Hamburg

Great Universities

Hamburg is home to over 20 institutions of higher learning, most notably the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Although the Hanseatic city has a long tradition of higher education, both universities are young, having been founded in 1919 and 1970, respectively. But despite the relative youth of the cities universities, they have are well-respected both nationally and internationally, with the University of Hamburg ranking in the top 200 internationally and top 15 domestically. 

Great Standard of Living

Hamburg has long been a strong draw for internationals of all stripes, but unlike expat-overrun Berlin, it also has one of the best standards of living in the world. Mercer, which produces a  ranking of best cities for expats, places Hamburg at the top of its list because of its quality of life (only Munich ranks higher in Germany). The Economist Intelligence Unit's annual ranking of the world’s most ‘liveable’ cities, which uses a combination of stability, culture, education and infrastructure to rank the world's major metropolises, put Hamburg at number 10 on its latest list.


Great Cultural Traditions

You may know that Hamburg is the birthplace of legendary "Three B's" composer Johannes Brahms, and that the city's grimy St. Pauli district served as a launching pad for the Beatles meteoric rise in the early 1960s. But Hamburg's music scene has also gestated many other influential artists throughout the last half-century, including rocker Udo Lindenberg, techno impresarios Scooter, and early era rappers Fettes Brot. The city also boasts a strong Heavy Metal and Punk scene.

Great Lebensgefühl

Hamburg has long ranked high in the German happiness index, released annually by Deutsche Post. With a high standard of living, strong economics prospects, and lots to do on the weekend, it's not hard to see why Hamburgers grow up with such a positive attitude towards life. And when you're choosing a city to study in, it's always a good idea to choose one with good Lebensgefühl.