The Science of Sport

Ever wondered how the Olympians at the Rio Games were able to hone their skills? Sports scientists work to better understand the physical and mental requirements for athletic success, and their research helps athletes from across the world reach great heights of achievement. Interested to learn how they do it? Check out our list of a few of the top Sports Science programs in Germany.

German Sport University Cologne

The German Sport University is the largest sports university in Europe, with more than 5,000 students. It is also the only university of its kind in Germany. If you're interested in becoming a soccer coach, you can study at the affiliated Hennes-Weisweiler-Akademie, where you can obtain the certification to coach in the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga

University of Leipzig

Leipzig is the former home of the prestigious Deutsche Hochschule für Körperkultur, which was shuttered following German reunification. Today, the University of Leipzig offers, among others, a Bachelor’s degree in sport management in their renowned sport sciences department.

University of Konstanz

The Master in International Studies in Sport Sciences at the University of Konstanz is offered in English and combines sport sciences with natural sciences, social sciences and cultural studies, providing enrollees with a solid foundation for a career in academia or at the intersection between sports and medicine.

TU Darmstadt

An important facet of sports science is understanding how different modalities can help us to understand how the body operates and the best methods to improve performance. The Technical University of Darmstadt offers a Master's degree in Sports Science and Computer Science that allows students to explore how these two disciplines interact.

University of Halle-Wittenberg

Nutrition is key to success in life and sports, a fact that trainers and athletes have used to improve athlete performance dramatically over the past few decades. Sports scientists play a key role in understanding how nutrition affects athletic performance, and the University of Halle is the only university in Germany to offer a degree that specifically allows students to study this intersection.