Student Housing in Germany

The students dorms in Germany are still a little old-fashioned

The students dorms in Germany are still a little old-fashioned


Many German universities today have student housing, managed in most places by the student services office, or Studentenwerk. These can be either be double or single rooms, and will cost from 180 - 280 euros per month. Since this is the most affordable form of housing available, there is generally a long waiting list for the dormitories. Always apply early online. 

Private Accommodation

The price and quality of private accommodation can vary enormously. In Germany, apartments and rooms usually come unfurnished unless this is specifically stated. You can search for single furnished rooms or for a room in a WG (Wohngemeinschaft), which is a shared apartment.

In a WG, each person shares a kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes a living room, as well as the costs of telephone and internet. 

When Germans talk about the rent, they will use the words kalt (cold) and warm (warm). "Cold rent" refers only to the rent, without any additional costs. The "warm rent" usually include some or all of the extra costs, including heating, water, and refuse collection. Always ask the landlord exactly which costs will be included in the rent. 

Terms and abbreviations frequently used in advertisements

You might be confused by the wide range of terms relating to accommodation. Here are some of the most important terms and abbreviations used in advertisements.