It's Not Too Late To Apply

Students who call us in May or June are usually planning ahead, and when they find out that there is still time to apply for a start in the fall, it usually comes as a shock. You can still apply to study in Germany in the fall, and if you're ready to start now, or will be within 5 months, you should.

German university deadlines come much later. German students are often able to enroll in programs as late as October, but for Americans (and all other international students), the deadline for the vast majority of programs is:


This is mainly because the application process is much simpler and based on fewer criteria. Applications are either submitted directly to the universities, which is the case at the University of Heidelberg, or through the common application platform uni-assist, a private organization that handles applications for around 60% of all universities in Germany.


Master's programs normally require (be sure to check each program's website for exact information):

  • Simple application form
  • Transcripts from all institutions attended (university-level)
  • Certified copies of all diplomas (university-level)
  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • Proof of language proficiency (for German-taught programs)
  • Evidence of financial support (needed for visa application)

Bachelor's programs require many of the same documents (Again, be sure to check the university website for program-specific requirements).

  • Simple application form
  • High School Transcripts
  • Certified copies of High School diploma
  • CV
  • Proof of language proficiency (for German-taught programs)
  • Evidence of financial support (needed for visa application)


Normally, if your application is complete, you'll hear back within six weeks. For prospective grad students, the application process is often based on the program's assessment of your qualifications, while undergrads who meet the minimum requirements to study in Germany are normally judged by two factors:

  • Cumulative (unweighted) GPA
  • University or state administered subject proficiency tests

Each university approaches university admissions differently, but, generally, your grades will make or break your application. Importantly, though, many programs do not have competitive admissions, meaning that qualified applicants will be automatically enrolled should they decide to attend.


If you have any questions about your qualifications, application, or anything else, contact us and we'll be happy to set up a free initial consultation to go over the process and help you get everything ready before the deadline in July.