Introducing the EHC Podcast

We're big fans of podcasts here at Eight Hours and Change. They're the perfect way to learn about all kinds of topics from people and organizations that you may have never heard of otherwise. And while there are several great podcasts for people interested in German culture, news or language, we haven't found one yet that really focuses exclusively on college in Germany.

That's why we've decided to start the EHC Podcast. Every Friday, we'll upload a new episode discussing a different topic. We're also planning to include interviews with current and former students, as well as tips from counselors and professors to help future students understand the system and what will be expected of them.

We've just uploaded our first three podcasts. Check them out and let us know what you think!


In our first episode, we discuss the reasons why we decided to come to Germany for college. 

In our second episode, we discuss all the things we miss about the United States (mostly pancakes) and all the things we miss about Germany when we're back home. 

In our third episode, we talk about the different drinking cultures in the United States and Germany, and try to understand why Germany has so many types of non-alcoholic beer.