Berlin College Visit

Back in March, we visited Berlin with Amber and her mom Shirley. Amber is set to graduate next year, and wanted to check out some of the bachelor's degree programs offered in Berlin. She's mainly interested in studying graphic design, but we also checked out a few alternatives to get her some perspective on the variety of degree programs available to students in the capital.

TU Berlin (Technical University Berlin) 

We started off the tour at the Technical University in Berlin. TU Berlin has a consolidated campus in the western neighborhood of Charlottenburg, and offers great facilities for students interested in studying engineering, computer science, and other technical subjects. While Amber didn't find a program at the TU that was a perfect fit for her, she's still considering applying next year.

Universität der Künste Berlin (University of the Arts)

Next up was the University of the Arts. UdK is one of the most prestigious and competitive art schools in Germany, and even the counselors from the other schools we visited said that Amber should enroll here if she's admitted into their Design program. Amber really enjoyed talking to the counselor from their international office, who answered all her questions and helped to explain how the process of applying to an art school in Germany differs from the normal application process.

Design Akademie

On the second day of the tour, we visited the Design Akademie, a small private school that offers a more hands-on, practical approach to design in six degree tracks. Amber was impressed by their small class sizes and expansive facilities, and liked the fact that they offer rolling admissions and courses in English. She plans to apply to their Communication Design program.

SRH Hochschule

After the Design Akademie, we visited SRH Hochschule, one of several universities of applied science in Germany that offer business studies in English. Although Amber isn't sure if business is the path for her, she liked the practical orientation of SRH's International Business Administration program, and the fact that she would be able to study abroad.

Bau International

The only university that we visited during our time in Berlin that only offers degree programs in English was Bau International. The hands-on approach of the counseling staff, modern facilities, and course offerings were all interesting to Amber. They unfortunately don't offer exactly what she's looking for in design, but she still plans to apply to the Communication Design program next year.

HMKW Berlin

The last university is one that offers the exact course that Amber is interested in, Graphic Design and Visual Communication. HMKW's advising department is also run by an American who received his Master's degree from Humboldt University in Berlin, and he told us exactly what Amber would need to do if she wanted to study in Germany. HMKW's Graphic Design program is only offered in German, but Amber plans to work on her German in the next year and hopefully apply for the Winter 2017/18 semester.


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