Flying on the Cheap to Germany

One of the biggest reasons many people decide against traveling is the costs. And many people assume that traveling to Europe is completely outside of their budgets. But with recent entries in to the aviation market have begun to offer significantly discounted transatlantic airfare, making European travel viable for almost everyone. 


WOW Air has been ferrying passengers across the Atlantic for almost five years now via its hub in Reykjavik, Iceland. Thanks to the stopover, they've been able to keep their fares down to almost ridiculous levels, with some round-trip tickets priced at less than $300. They currently fly from six US destinations to Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

When Norwegian entered the US market, they made headlines by offering flights for under $200 to Europe. Although they don't fly directly into Germany, they do offer flights into nearby Paris and Copenhagen, and for the price, it's worth the cost of a train ticket. They currently fly from Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.


Condor is a German carrier, offering flights across the US into a variety of German airports. Recently, they also started offering direct flights from a few farther flung US destinations, including Austin, Texas and Minneapolis. Although fares can be somewhat higher for this routes, they are significantly below previous offerings.