Scholarships and Funding Opportunities for Germany

Even though Germany offers tuition-free education at all its public institutions, there are still costs. All students have to spend between 160 - 600 euros per year on fees, and, on average, German students spend around $900/month on rent, food, entertainment and other expenses. Although this pales in comparison to the expense of studying at most American institutions, it's still a significant amount of money.



Fortunately, there are many scholarship and academic funding programs that exist to cover the costs of studying in Germany. Depending on the scholarship, the awards offered can be as small as a few hundred Euros per year, and as large as tens of thousands. 

Importantly, scholarships are available to students regardless of political or religious affiliation. Some scholarships mainly focus on academic achievement, while others are awarded based on community engagement. 

Here is a short list of some of the organizations that offer scholarships in Germany:

Political Organizations

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (SPD)

•Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FDP)

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (CDU)

Heinrich Böll Stiftung (Greens)

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Left Party)

Religious Organizations

Cusanuswerk (Catholic)

•Evangelischen Studienwerk e.V. Villigst (Protestant)


Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.

Studienstiftung des Detuschen Volkes