Making the Most of Your Sundays

No more lazy Sundays

No more lazy Sundays

Getting everything done while minimizing unhealthy stress requires planning. But don't wait until Monday to start studying - here's how to make the most of your Sundays and improve your results at the end of the semester.

Sometime the week just doesn't have enough hours for everything you want to do. You have classes everyday, study groups and reading in the afternoon, and you still have to find time to go shopping and fit in a dentist appointment.

To make the most of your week, it's essential to plan ahead. Too often, though, we lose track of all our responsibilities as we try to balance studying with our social lives. Before you get lost in the headaches of the week, take some time out of Sunday to sketch out a plan for your week, even if it's only a quarter hour to plan your week in peace.

The following five simple tips will help you prepare for the coming days. When Monday comes, you'll know exactly what to do. 

1. To-do lists are constantly in flux

As soon as you finish on thing, something else comes up. Everyone knows this, but we all too rarely plan for it. In order to plan ahead, it's important to sit down Sunday evening and prioritize what is most essential. If it needs to be done, make sure you take care of it first thing Monday, instead of letting it fester throughout the week. It's almost inevitable that new crises will present themselves, and you'll find yourself with the same tasks the following Sunday. If you find that it isn't as crucial as you though, strike it off the list. Don't stress out about things that ultimately don't really matter.

2. It helps to create categories


Sometimes, a long list of to-dos can seem overwhelming. But when you break it down, the impossible becomes manageable. There are lots of ways to categorize your responsibilities. You organize by urgency, focusing on the most crucial first. You can also test out a system that estimates the amount of time you'll need to spend on each task. This will give you a better sense of how likely you are to complete everything. The important thing is that you try to find a system that is both logical to you and helps to give you a better sense of your week. 

3. Try to prepare as much as possible

If you have a project due at the end of the week, don't wait until Thursday to get started. Sunday is the perfect time to get your work done, free of appointments or classes. Some universities in Germany do close down their libraries on Sunday, but this gives you a good excuse to find a park or pub in town where you can meet your study groups and get a head start on your group projects. 

4. Don't plan your errands for Sundays

In Germany, everything closes on Sunday. This can be frustrated, but it also takes away a few big distractions. Instead of spending your day shopping or at the laundromat, you can use the time on Sunday to put together your shopping lists and plan your budget. 

5. Sunday evenings should really be there for you

Rest, relax, read (a book, not social media). Silence can work miracles - and help you think about the week to come. And when you wake up on Monday to go to class, you'll be ready.