6 Ways You'll Grow By Studying Abroad in Germany

Studying abroad isn't just a great way to explore the world. It's also an amazing opportunity to grow as a person and develop skills that will help you throughout your life.


Studying abroad in Germany helps you to develop grit

Students who study abroad in Germany have to overcome challenges everyday in dealing with a new culture and new expectations. And don't expect a pat on the back for showing up to class - you'll need to look out into the future to appreciate how all your hard work will be rewarded through success on final exams and a shiny degree at the end of your studies. Over time, this can help to develop grit, one of the most important characteristics for life-long success. According to psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth, grit is the combination of passion and perseverance that allows you to work through difficult times by understanding how the work you do today can help you long-term. 

Studying abroad in Germany helps you to develop self-reliance

In Germany, no one is going to hold your hand. No one will tell you to go to class, to study for tests, or to take advantage of the many opportunities that will be available to you. It's all up to you. Your experience will be determined 100% by how much you put in. This responsibility will help you develop real self-reliance - the ability to "Trust Thyself" as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, and know that you'll answer the call.

Studying abroad in Germany helps you to develop self-confidence


For many of us, the idea of giving a presentation in front of 40 of our peers, or speaking to strangers on the street, or making friends in a new town is intimidating. But when you study in Germany, these will all become second nature. In seminars, you'll be expected to study a topic in-depth and present your findings to the class. During the week, you'll need to approach people for help. And the only way to make your way in Germany is to create a social network for yourself. All of these things come together to help build self-confidence, and make you a more capable person later in life.

Studying abroad in Germany will help you to appreciate home

Growing up, most of us lack perspective. We complain about everyday problems and make mountains out of molehills. When you travel abroad to study, one of the most important things you'll gain is an appreciation of everything you have, and a better understanding of how the world really works. 

Studying abroad in Germany will help you to develop time-management skills

Many of rush from place to place, constantly in search of an extra minute in the day. But we often fail to notice all the ways we waste our time and create problems for ourselves. In Germany, if you don't start preparing early, you'll struggle come test-time, and you'll quickly learn that time-management is one of the most important skills for a happy and fruitful life.

Studying abroad in Germany will help to broaden your vision of what is possible

Most of us learn early on that there are paths to follow. Graduate high school, go to college, get a job. One important benefit of studying abroad in Germany is it will give you alternatives to the traditional paths, and the fact that many of the well-worn trails might not suit everyone.