The 7 Oldest Universities in Germany

1. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (1386)

In 1386, Elector Ruprecht I received established a university in Heidelberg, which was also the home of his residential palace. The University of Heidelberg was the first university located in the territory of modern Germany, and is today is one of Europe's top research institutions.

2. University of Leipzig (1409)

The University of Leipzig was first founded by scholars from Prague in 1409, and went on to become on of the most important centers of learning in the German-speaking world in its subsequent 600 plus years of existence. 

3. University of Rostock (1419)

The University of Rostock was the first university founded in northern Europe, and for much of its early history served as the main hub of higher education for students from the Low Countries, Scandinavia, and the Baltic region. 

4. University of Greifswald (1456)

Also home briefly to the faculty of the University of Rostock, Greifswald has been known as a "university with a town" for much of the last 500 years. The university is not only the 4th oldest in Germany, but also was for a period the oldest Swedish and Prussian university. 

5. Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg (1457)

Founding as the second university of the Habsburg Empire, the University of Freiburg is today the fifth oldest universities in Germany, and one of the elite universities in Europe.

6. Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (1472)

Originally founded by Duke Ludwig IX in Ingolstadt, the university was moved to Landshut and later to Munich when Bavaria was threatened by the French. In 1802, the university was renamed Ludwig-Maximilians University after King Maximilian of Bavaria and its founder, Duke Ludwig.

7. Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (1477)

Known as one of Germany classic "university towns," Tübingen has been home to a university for over five centuries. Duke Eberhard of Württemberg founded the university in 1477 after experiencing the early days of the Italian renaissance during his travels.